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I am so incredibly grateful to have my healthy, happy and active daughter back! I cannot sing Dr. Tompkins’ praises enough – and that of Marlene and his entire staff. -Ginger


Brad | Neuromuscular   

For seven long years I had suffered with an unexplainable illness. It was debilitating. It consumed my days and robbed me of a simple smile. The pain alienated me from my job, my friends, and most of all my family. I suffered with chronic daily headaches. Every day of my life for more than seven years I had a headache. Some days were good and others were torture and in between there were the horrible migraines. I sought every medical doctor that seemed viable. It started with my family doctor, my family dentist, an oral surgeon, neurologist, arthritis specialist, chiropractors, another family doctor and the list goes on. Thousands of dollars were lost because no treatment and no drug could deliver relief. I felt demoralized because of the financial burden it put on my family. Every test, every MRI, CAT scan and X-ray came with no real answers.

My wife has always been my best asset; none are more valuable to me. She has weathered the storm for all those excruciating years. She was relentless on finding some help. Then one day she was on the internet and found a website related to Dr. Tompkins and his work. As my wife told me of the symptoms listed, I realized that I suffered from about 98% of them. Never before was this prevalent in my search for an answer. This seemed to be our most promising hope yet. All there was left to do was a phone call. So we made an appointment with Dr. Tompkins to see if I was a candidate for his treatment.

After meeting with Dr. Tompkins we soon realized that this was a viable treatment. As always, in the back of my mind I still had questioned whether this would work or not, because of all the other failed treatments, but for the very first time 9 out of 10 symptoms he described I exhibited. So with this as a glimmer of hope, we went forward. From the very first time my wife and I stepped into the office we were made to feel like more than just paying customers.

Both Dr. Tompkins and Marlene made us feel like our suffering mattered to them and our interest became theirs.

After the first treatment and implementation of the orthotic I had a vast 70% improvement.

With all my past treatments combined I had never seen even a 5% improvement. Dr. Tompkins proved to me the science is there and that there is hope for people who suffer with chronic headaches. Dr. Tompkins made enough adjustments that I needed only wear my orthotic occasionally. Marlene was a consistent help. She was steadfast with us on holding the insurance company accountable. After her persistence they finally paid.

James 1:17 says that "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above." We certainly think Dr. Tompkins work was from above. He gave us a gift, a new beginning and my wife tells me my smile is back.

Thanks for all you have done. May the Lord bless you and your family.


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Ginger | Neuromuscular

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