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Many people go to so called “providers” of their dental insurance. We decided our family wants to have the ability to make decisions about our dental care and control our treatment. Our insurance plan works great at Dr. Tompkins.  -Randy
Financial Considerations

The attentive team at Dr. Tompkins’ office will always discuss with you the cost and time involved in providing optimum dentistry. We accept most credit cards and financing is also available. Rest assured, we are also happy to assist you with your insurance and will file your dental claims and help you maximize your annual insurance benefits.

We in America have definite beliefs and ideas about insurance. When our automobile is damaged and we meet our deductible, insurance pays for the entire repair. When we have surgery and we meet our deductible, insurance pays the full bill. However, this is not what we see relative to dental "insurance." What we see is more of "assistance."

You should not think of your dental insurance as a benefit, because it is not insurance in the true sense of the word, and it will not cover the major portion of most expenses for restorative procedures. When dental co-payment plans began in the late 1970's they allowed the same maximum payment (of $1,000 for example) per year as is allowed today. Considering an annual inflation rate of 6%, if insurance companies adjusted their benefits annually to compensate for inflation only, the benefit today would amount to at least $5,000. In this system the only winner is the insurance company.

Dental insurance companies are a business and must make a profit. To do this, they will attempt to delay payment to their customers, set a very low 'usual and customary' reimbursement, lose dental claims, and even deny treatment or cover the lowest acceptable treatment option.

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